Sunset Candiez

3.5 grams
THC 25-30%
  • Lower East Side Not available
  • Upper West Side - 2
  • Williamsburg Not available


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3.5 Grams – Indoor Flower

Immerse yourself in the sheer majesty of Sunset Candiez, a Diamond-tier cannabis delight meticulously curated for an extraordinary experience. This indoor flower is an ode to potency and flavor, offering a journey into the heart of cannabis refinement.

  • Potent Elegance: Sunset Candiez embodies potent elegance, delivering an experience that transcends the ordinary. Indulge in the rich interplay of flavors and effects that makeSunset Candiez a true connoisseur’s choice.
  • Diamond-tier Prestige: As a Diamond-tier strain, Sunset Candiez stands at the pinnacle of cannabis excellence, promising effects that resonate with the most discerning enthusiasts.

Elevate your cannabis experience withSunset Candiez in the Diamond tier, where each 3.5-gram package reflects the dedication of MetroBud to unparalleled quality.

Tested Pesticide, Mold, Heavy Metals Free: Indulge in confidence with Sunset Candiez, knowing each Diamond-tier container undergoes rigorous testing for pesticides, mold, and heavy metals. MetroBud ensures your safety and a reliable cannabis experience.

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