Pushin Petalz

Death Grip

3.5 grams
THC 30%
  • Lower East Side - 1
  • Upper West Side Not available
  • Williamsburg Not available


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Embrace Intensity with Death Grip – Pushin Petalz’s Powerful Cannabis Bud

Step into the realm of intensity with Death Grip by Pushin Petalz—a potent cannabis flower carefully cultivated to deliver a powerful and robust experience. Crafted for those who seek bold and invigorating moments in their cannabis journey.

What Makes Death Grip Special?

  • Potency Unleashed: Death Grip is a testament to potency, offering a robust and intense cannabis experience for enthusiasts who crave bold sensations.
  • Aroma of Strength: Dive into the rich and robust aroma of Death Grip, where each inhale prepares you for the powerful journey ahead.
  • Vigorous Effects: Experience the vigorous effects of Death Grip, providing a strong and invigorating sensation that resonates with those who appreciate a more intense cannabis encounter.

Why Choose Death Grip from Pushin Petalz?

  • For the Bold Explorers: Death Grip isn’t for the faint-hearted; it’s for those who boldly explore the depths of intense cannabis experiences.
  • A Statement of Strength: Let Death Grip make a statement in your cannabis journey, offering a potent and memorable encounter.

Embrace the intensity of Death Grip by Pushin Petalz, a cannabis flower that invites you to savor the powerful side of your cannabis exploration. Engage with its robust effects, relish the strength in its aroma, and let Death Grip be your companion for bold moments.